The Mongolian Khanate

Soldiers: 31

Attack vs. Soldiers: 55

Attack vs. Buildings: 60

Charge: 0

Weapon Type: Siege Engine

Defense: 6

Armour: 3

Defense Skill: 3

Shield: 0

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 700

Upkeep: 250

Giant rock flinging artillery piece. Capable of flaming and normal shot. Also able to fling diseased cows!
The counter-weight Trebuchet is an evolution of the man-powered mangonel and catapults dating back before the 11th century. It has quickly spread throughout the world as an effective siege engine capable of lobbing large wall- crushing boulders. The Trebuchet is also able to fling such things as burning missiles and rotten animal remains to devastate enemy companies.

  • Ballista
  • Catapult Maker
  • Siege Works
  • Trebuchet are recruited in European Cities or Castles with Siege Works.